Kalbar flora observations 2014

Citizen science solutions for national biodiversity data needs: developing a plant checklist for West Kalimantan, Indonesia

In 2013, Made Wiryana and Teguh Triono (Univ. Gunadarma) were awarded funds from the USAID/NAS PEER program, in collaboration with an ongoing, NSF-funded plant biodiversity research program. The grant funded citizen science trainings and botanical expeditions in West Kalimantan. During several months after a training event in Pontianak in May 2014, a total of 1,632 plants were recorded using high-quality photography. This website presents these findings.

Many thanks to our botanists:

  • Abdurahman
  • Agus Susanto
  • Agusti Randi
  • Eka Kurnia Pambudi
  • Endro Setiawan
  • Fathul Yusro
  • Fitra Alhani
  • Hery Yanto
  • Raden Jono
  • Riyo Suseno
  • Yoga Budihandoko
  • Yuping

And to Ishmail Rachman, of the Herbarium Bogoriense, for checking and correcting determinations.